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OEM Deep Groove Ball Bearing MR Series

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Yuyao Kangtian Bearing Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, is a professional OEM/ODM Deep Groove Ball Bearing MR Series Suppliers and Deep Groove Ball Bearing MR Series Company, one of the earliest professional producers of bearings in the Ningbo area, we also undertake all kinds of high-precision machining parts, and processing according to the drawing or sample. The company has been awarded the National Level Three Quality and Safety Standardization Enterprise, Ningbo environmental protection model green enterprise, registered trademarks of "TTBC" and "Hemudu, HMD" (which has been identified as Ningbo's famous brand).

The company relies on many years of professional manufacturing experience and technical foundation, and has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 mode for product quality control and management, especially in the automobile and motorcycle bearing manufacturing, non-standard bearing as well as CNC machining parts design and development and other aspects of quality advantages. We specialize in Wholesale Deep Groove Ball Bearing MR Series sales, Products are currently exported to more than 20 countries and regions around the world. At the same time, we have long been supporting and producing all kinds of bearings and the machining parts for many world-renowned companies, and have maintained a good cooperative relationship for many years.


  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • Work Safety Standardization
  • Invention Patent
  • Environmental Protection Model Factory
  • Ningbo Famous Trademark
  • Ningbo Bearing Association


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Industry Knowledge Extension

What are the unique advantages of Deep Groove Ball Bearing MR Series compared to other series?

Deep Groove Ball Bearing MR Series has some unique advantages compared to other series. These advantages are not only reflected in the performance and durability of the bearings, but also in many aspects such as their design, material selection, and applicable scenarios.
First of all, MR Series bearings have been deeply optimized in design and manufacturing. Its internal geometry has been carefully calculated and adjusted so that the bearing maintains excellent stability when subjected to high loads. At the same time, the use of high-quality materials ensures that the bearings have excellent wear resistance and fatigue resistance. This careful design and high-quality material selection enable MR Series bearings to maintain stable performance under long-term, high-load operating conditions, significantly extending their service life.
Secondly, MR Series bearings are also unique in terms of friction control and efficiency improvement. Through precise machining and surface treatment technology, the friction coefficient of the bearing is reduced, reducing energy loss and heat generation. This means that during operation, the bearings are able to convert power more efficiently, improving the efficiency of the entire system. This efficient performance is critical for applications that require long, continuous operation.
In addition, MR Series bearings also focus on ease of installation and maintenance. Its standardized design makes the bearings easy to install and remove, reducing installation costs and time. At the same time, the maintenance requirements of bearings are relatively low, and only routine lubrication and inspection are required to ensure normal operation of the bearings. This reduces maintenance costs, reduces downtime and improves the overall operating efficiency of the equipment.
MR Series bearings also feature high running accuracy. This is due to strict quality control and precision machining technology in the bearing manufacturing process. Whether operating at high speed or low speed, the bearing can maintain stable rotation accuracy and balance. This high-precision performance makes MR Series bearings valuable in a wide range of applications where precise control of rotational motion is required.
In addition, MR Series bearings also demonstrate excellent adaptability. Whether in high or low temperatures, humid or corrosive environments, bearings can maintain stable performance. This enables MR Series bearings to adapt to various complex industrial environments and meet the needs of different fields.
Finally, it is worth mentioning the cost-effectiveness of the MR Series bearings. Despite its high performance and premium features, its price is usually relatively reasonable, providing users with good value for money. This makes MR Series bearings competitive in the market and the first choice for many users.
To sum up, the Deep Groove Ball Bearing MR Series has many unique advantages compared to other series. These advantages are not only reflected in its excellent performance, durability and efficiency, but also in its design, material selection, installation and maintenance, operating accuracy, adaptability and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, MR Series bearings are widely used and recognized in various industrial fields.